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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Piranhaconda 2011 Full Movie Download

Release Name: Syfy.Original.Piranhaconda.2011.TVRip-sifi
Size: 700 MBVideo: XviD | 544 × 368 | 1 027 Kbps | 23.976 FPS | 3:2Audio: English | 116 Kbps | 2 ch | MP3Runtime: 1h 24minSubtitles: None

Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi Director: Jim Wynorski Writers: J. Brad Wilke (concept by), Mike MacLean Stars: Michael Madsen, Rachel Hunter and Shandi Finnessey Plot: Part Snake! Part Fish! All Killer!

Piranhaconda 2011 Full Movie Download

Piranhaconda 2011 Full Movie Download

Piranhaconda 2011 Full Movie Download

Piranhaconda 2011 Full Movie Download

Piranhaconda 2011 Full Movie Download

There seem to be several plots and sub plots in this movie. 

1) Professor Lovegrove is trying to find the snake that killed his Dad and scarf up the snake's egg. For what purpose? What else? To sell and make MONEY. As all scientists do when they discover some "creature". You will feel at home with the great Michael Madsen as the scientist as he as played in many films, and is a bit under utilized here.

2) Local bandits capture visiting Americans for cash dollars in ransom money.

3) An LA film director is making a horror film with his cast and crew. Fortunately, his casting director hired some very hot babes, like Rachel Hunter, Shandi Finnessey, Teri Ivens, and Christina DeRosa.

4) A piranhaconda intent on wrapping her body around everyone in sight and killing them and eating them, writhes around the island.

The only thing that drags this movie down is the CGI piranahconda. B films were better in the 50's and 60's when you only glimpsed at the crab monster or gorilla in a diving helmet.

The head bad guy reminds me of the bad guy in Superman? I don't know his name, as I did not Tivo the movie, and am relying on IMDb. Sadly, some filmmakers don't include practicals: head shots of everyone. And, IMDb, could list cast members as bad guys, surfer girl, ditzy blonde, as we often don't remember their names if they are even mentioned in the movie.

Back to our story: the piranahconda is killing people, the bad guys hold a few cast as hostages, Prof. Lovegrove is hot for the egg, and Talia is lounging on the beach. The film inter cuts between all the plots, as it heads for the exciting conclusion.

As I have said before, thanks to Roger Corman helping these young filmmakers, and he is Executive Producer on this one. Remember it is up to the writer, director and cast to create good films. Roger is at least providing the funding for their efforts.

So you will have to see the movie to find out how hostage takers, film crews, a greedy scientist, a curly blonde beach lounger, and killer reptiles all interact. It is worth a view.




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